Welcome Aboard!

In the Charter Fishing Business, there is no substitute for good, old fashioned hospitality. That's right. I said HOSPITALITY.When a client joins you aboard your vessel for a fishing charter, they're essentially comi... Read more

Don’t Forget to Ask for Reviews!

If you've been paying attention to The Charter Fishing Business Kit or to our helpful blog posts over the years, you should know that online reviews can make or break your Charter Fishing Business. It is extremely import... Read more

Tackle Tips for the Professional Fishing Guide

As Charter Captains, we are presented with a nearly limitless number of choices when it comes to fishing tackle. With those choices come many questions: Monofilament or Braid? How much to I spend on reels? Should I buy c... Read more

Have A Pricing Strategy…And Stick To It

During the pandemic and post-pandemic, you will likely have to deal with "price shoppers": potential clients who want you to reduce your charter rate. What do you do? We Live in a "Priceline" World The Internet is litt... Read more

Don’t Forget to Use Checklists

As Charter Captains, we are creatures of habit and we have our own routines. We've successfully built our charter fishing business by creating repeatable outcomes. Translation: We catch fish on every charter trip. Howeve... Read more

Social Media Hacks For Fishing Guides

Remember all that talk, "You Don't Have To Be The Best Fisherman To Book More Trips Than Competitors"?Well social media is has thrown a curve ball to that philosophy.You see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. ar... Read more

10 Goals For Fishing Guides in 2018

Welcome to 2018! I am super excited to get things underway this year.  I see a big push in tourism and spending that could result in as much as a 20% increase in sales.  However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let... Read more

Raise Your Prices When Competitors Lower Them

Pricing is becoming a real problem for the business model I have created for fishing guides to earn 6 and 7 figure incomes. Competitors are slashing prices and customers are taking the bait.  The customer is looking fo... Read more

My Competitors Are Posting Fake Reviews!

If you’ve been following my fishing guide roadmap, you know how important it is to ask each and every customer to leave a review on sites like Google My Business, Trip Advisor and Yelp. Well, at least the customers tha... Read more

Choosing A Vacation Destination, Not Fishing Destination

The most successful guides with whom I work share one thing in common: they each operate in a highly popular vacation destination (Miami, Orlando, Cape Cod, etc.). Tourists are flocking through the airports and water... Read more