Choosing A Vacation Destination, Not Fishing Destination

The most successful guides with whom I work share one thing in common: they each operate in a highly popular vacation destination (Miami, Orlando, Cape Cod, etc.). Tourists are flocking through the airports and waterways (via cruise ships) all year long. These are the customers that I want you to convert, as they will make running your guide business a pleasure.

These customers are just looking to fill their days while enjoying time off from work. They don’t care who they fish with and likely have not done any research. In fact, upon  going to your site, they may not even browse the services you offer. They just call, ask a few questions and book the trip! We’ll take it! Manna from the heavens! Even though these customers may not give you much advance notice, these are great opportunities for you to work the “overflow business” angle.

Now, I understand that you may not be able to just pick up and move to a vacation hotspot like Maui, Hawaii or San Diego, California. You still should research your area from this “destination” perspective: Assess the local airports and determine where the “Out Of Town” customers are staying and what they are doing. They may be searching Google for “Things To Do” in your area or asking their hotel concierge. Get yourself in front of these folks with the marketing tactics in this book!

If you are in an area where the fishing is great but few additional reasons to plan a vacation, you need to market your services accordingly. A good example is Venice, Louisiana. The fishing near the oil rigs is phenomenal for tuna, marlin, Mahi Mahi and other pelagics, but most people vacation in the New Orleans area. Well, guess where you are going to do much of your marketing? The drive from New Orleans to Venice is only about 80 miles. Some of your more experienced and accomplished anglers will have no problem making this drive. You can entice people from all over the country when you can boast world-class fishing.