Donating Charter Trips: Everyone Wins

We have detailed numerous ways to market your Charter Fishing Business that should lead to increased bookings. There is another method to get your name out there while also giving back to your community: Charter Fishing Trip Donations.

I. Find a Worthy Cause

When you decide to donate a Charter Fishing Trip, you need to identify a worthy cause. Once you start seeking out charities, you will find an almost overwhelming number of organizations that would love to accept a donated Charter Fishing Trip to raise money for their cause. In lieu of cutting a check to the charity, donate a Charter Fishing Trip instead.

We recommend that you donate to a charity that is meaningful to you. As a matter of fact, you will find that, as your charter business grows, charities will seek YOU out for donations. When you’re ready to donate a Charter Fishing Trip, work with the charity leaders to promote your donation during a fundraising event.

II. Exposure During Event

Most charitable organizations hold fundraising events once or twice a year as their primary methods of fundraising. These events can be galas, balls, festivals or golf tournaments. A great way to gain exposure for your business is to donate your Charter Fishing Trip as a Silent Auction item. You can create a promotional display, which can include a brochure, business cards, hat, shirt, key chains -any promotional items you can place on the Silent Auction table. You will need to include the voucher for the donated Charter Fishing Trip itself. Be sure to include the following on the voucher:

  • The value of the charter
  • Your logo and a nice color picture or two
  • The name of the charity to which you donated the charter
  • The maximum number of anglers
  • An expiration date (You do not want to leave this trip open-ended. Show an expiration date within 90 days of the event, for example)
  • The voucher must be presented at the time of the charter to be honored
  • Any other details pertinent to your charter

If possible, try to attend the event so that you can answer questions regarding your charter trips. Only one donor can win your donated Charter Fishing Trip but you can make some great new contacts -generate some great leads for future trips. People who attend fundraisers are typically donors who have disposable income to spend on Charter Fishing Trips. Plus, these donors would prefer to book charter trips with captains who share the same devotion to their charity or cause.

III. Charity Marketing Materials

As part of your donation, ask the charity to be included in their marketing materials. Where possible, pose for pictures with donors and organizers so that you have a chance to appear in programs and articles written about the fundraiser after the fact. It sends the right message about your charter business to be active in your community to make it a better place.

IV. Tax Benefits

As with any donation, your company can take advantage of certain tax benefits to donation services. Be sure to consult with your accountant on the proper way to account for charitable donations. Here are a few tips:

  • Request a letter/receipt from the charity to include the monetary value of your donated Charter Fishing Trip
  • Request a copy of the charity’s 501 c3 certificate to prove to the IRS that you donated to a non-profit, charitable organization
  • Be sure to add the donated Charter Fishing Trip in your accounting software, such as Quickbooks, so as to apply expenses against it

There are other advantages to donating Charter Fishing Trips, including just the excuse to get out on the water to do some “recon” in between paid charters. You need to be on the water to find the fish anyway. You might as well do some good while you’re out there. It’s also a good way to generate new, paid customers when you get the opportunity to see you in action. Sometimes, your anglers will be corporate executives who are looking to do corporate encounters or business entertainment the next time they’re in town. Your donated Charter Fishing Trip is a great way to explain how your business is best-suited to meeting their needs.

As you can see, your Charter Fishing Business can greatly benefit from donating Charter Fishing Trips. Everyone Wins!