How To Pick A Fishing Charter Business Name

Just about everyday I get a call from a new fishing guide who is struggling to come up with a brand and business name.  And lately, I have been giving away so much secret sauce that I wanted to make sure I tell you about it first.


Think about this, how funny “GOOGLE” sounded before they actually created the search engine?  Or how weird was “APPLE” sounded before Steve Jobs took over and made the best computer ever (I’m biased).  I mean, what if I create a guide service called “Cantaloupe Charters”.  You would think I’m nuts right?


If you look at the most successful guides in your area, they did’t get there because they have a catchy name or cool logo.   They simply worked harder than everyone else.

Without execution a fishing guide simply will not succeed. 

A good business name, brand identity and logo does help the process.  Short catchy domains are easily remembered, but that same guide that works his butt off can really do it under any business name.  How about “Sore Arm Charters” 🙂

Here are a few things I learned when picking business names for charter services:

  • Short business names are easier to use in print graphics such as banners, business cards, etc.  Example: FishON, Lunker, Aloha, HookedUp, etc.
  • Have a kid-friendly business name.  Nothing that implies killing such as “Bloody Decks” is a good idea.
  • Don’t Use Keywords.  Keyword business names such as “Miami Fishing Charters” are dead.  Google does’t give those businesses much credit anymore, so don’t waste your time.  Branding is way cooler.
  • Don’t use your name.  In the event you want to grow or sell your business, you really don’t want to tie yourself too much to the business.   A unique last name is fine, but using your full name such as “Captain Mike Grimm Fishing” is a bad idea.   I wouldn’t use my last name either: Grimm Charters?!
  • Refrain from using Acronyms.   I regret using the business name “SFC Design Group” for our agency years ago.  It is tough to say over the phone and often gets lost in translation.

Whether you are a new or established fishing guide, your business name is never the reason your business is succeeding or failing.  It is ALL because of you!

Tight Lines,
Captain Mike