Here’s what fishing guides have
to say.

  • “Hi Captain Michael, First I would like to thank you for writing this book, up to my knowledge it is the only reference avalibile in the subject. I been managing recreational marine activities in the Red Sea area for the last 22 years and I always write down my own SOP’s. As an old fashion guy I found it a pit difficult for me to read out of a computer or an IPad as my reading habitats are a pit massy I have to write notes and highlight paragraphs, so I would like to take your permission to print one hard copy, it will be very interesting to fully read your book and compare it with what is getting implemented in this part of the world.”

    Captain Ahmed F. Shaker
  • “Thank you for your wonderful reference guide. My son and I are both captains and started a charter guide business that includes inshore fishing, kayak fishing and extreme kayak fishing. Your knowledge has helped us greatly. We are looking forward to success in this competitive industry.”

    Captain Brian Sherman
  • “I really wanted to grow my charter fishing business. So I got in touch with Capt. Mike and read his book. I couldn’t put the book down and finished in one day. There are a ton of great ideas in his book that have already helped me grow my own business. There are so many things to consider when operating a fishing business and in this book it will guide you step by step. This is definitely a must read if you are considering starting your own charter business!”

    Captain Jason Sullivan
  • “As an established guide, I came across this business kit and thought If I could learn a few things from it, then it would be worth the cost. Well, let’s just say I don’t want my competition to have this kit! The book is awesome and reveals some great marketing tactics for my website, along with social marketing that I knew very little about. I love how easy it is too read and it fires me up from start to finish to go after new customers and treat my existing customers very well. I highly recommend this book to all levels of fishing guides especially if you are just starting out.”

    Captain Alan Routh
  • “Everyone can always benefit on some great tips on being more successful in an industry that is highly competitive. Capt. Mikes book gives you all the details on how to improve your charter business and stay up with the changing times on how to best promote your business. Being in a highly competitive area, these guidelines have me on my way to be a success!”

  • “Having charter fished for charities for years I
    decided to start chartering for additional income. This required a major change in my operations. I came across Captain Mikes manual (“The Charter Fishing Business Kit” ) and after reading a small trial sample I was hooked. The entire manual is chocked full of useful info and written to be simple and act as a blueprint. I can say without hesitation that his real world experience with
    starting and running a business in this field is laid out on the pages in a blueprint format the anyone can follow and learn from. Thank you Captain Mike and I look forward to your updates! ”

    Captain Steve Mullen, Fish Hunter Charters